PS5 edges ahead of Xbox Series X and S and F1 22 holds pole position

Console sales dropped slightly in July compared with June, with a fall in sales for all three major platforms.
Nearly 104,000 games machines were sold across the UK last month (GfK UK panel units), a drop of 16% month-on-month. Overall, this year-to-date, games console sales are down 38%. Note: July has four weeks in it, while June had five.
PS5 sales dropped the least during July (down 14%), and as a result it’s now the UK’s second most popular console of 2022, just behind Nintendo Switch. PS5 and Xbox Series X continue to be held back by stock shortages.

Amazon offers: Far Cry 6 Limited Edition for PS4, PS5 and Xbox at the lowest historical price

The Amazon offers today allow us to buy Far Cry 6 for PS4, PS5 and Xbox (both One and Series X | S on one disc). The price is 24.99 €. The price of Far Cry 6 Limited Edition is the lowest ever offered on the platform. Recently it was possible to try the game thanks to the free weekend and the progress obtained can be used with the full game – this offer is better than that of the digital console store.

Far Cry 6 Limited Edition includes the Jungle Expedition Pack, which includes a uniform, a ‘SBS’ weapon and a weapon charm, as well as the full game of course.

NHL 23 Wishlist: 10 Things We Want to See

The latest NHL video game isn’t far away. There’s a ton of things fans would love to see added, or changed, so here’s a look at a few key adjustments we’d like to see for NHL 23.

When EA Sports started to advertise the upcoming technical test for NHL 23, that meant the game’s arrival is finally getting closer.

It’s expected to come out in August, and we should get more information on the game in due time. For NHL video gamers, the excitement over even the smallest information on the next game is about to ramp up.

Two Point Campus gets a new trailer ahead of its release next week

The official launch trailer for Two Point Campus has dropped a little early. This latest management game from Two Point Studios puts players in control of their own university. Build the campus from scratch and then choose the courses that will be offered, including Knight School, Gastronomy, Spy School, and more. Players can also throw parties for the students, set up live gigs, and host after-school activities, such as Speed-Walking Club, Power-Napping Club, and many others.

Two Point Campus launches on August 9th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Horizon Forbidden West – Patch 1.17 is Live, Adds VRR and ‘Balanced’ Graphics Mode on PS5

Guerrilla Games has a new patch available for Horizon Forbidden West, adding support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and High Refresh Rate (HFR) on PS5. VRR offers dynamic resolution scaling at 60 Hz and along with HFR, it targets a refresh rate between 60-120 Hz. There’s also a new ‘Balanced’ graphics mode which provides a 40 Hz refresh rate on supporting displays. Other fixes and changes include Elemental Arrows from fully upgraded bows now properly detonating canisters instead of destroying them.

The Messenger Dev’s Retro RPG Sea of Stars Pushed Back to 2023

Beyond the sea
by Stephen Tailby 1 hour ago
Sabotage Studio made an excellent debut with its action platformer, The Messenger. It’s now turned its attention to turn-based RPGs, sticking with its neo-retro tendencies to bring us Sea of Stars, set in the same universe as its first title. While the game has yet to be officially confirmed for PlayStation platforms, we can’t help but be excited — watch this Sea of Stars trailer to get a taste.
Initially planned for release this year, the developer has made the decision to delay the game to 2023:
Sea of Stars will release in 2023 pic.

Sega Wants To Make Live-Action Adaptations Of Atlus Games

Can the Phantom Thieves work in live-action?
Atlus has been on a roll of creating critically acclaimed JRPGs, and its publisher, Sega, wants to make the most of that. Announced directly to IGN, Sega has revealed that it wants to expand into new live-action TV and film projects that adapt the games created by Atlus. When speaking to IGN, Sega said that ‘expanding storytelling forms is a new and important part of Sega’s overall business strategy.’ For that reason, the Japanese publisher wants to make use of strong Atlus franchises like Persona, Catherine, and Shin Megami Tensei in live-action adaptations.

Why Is Nobody Talking About The PS5 Digital Edition?

Perhaps You’re Ignoring The PS5 Digital Edition For No Good Reason The PS5 digital edition was released alongside the disc-based version, and yet it seems like people barely talk about it – just like how very few people talk about the similarly all-digital Xbox Series S. Some might find it weird that this version of the PlayStation 5 is more or less ignored compared to its bigger brother. So why is that? (Photo : YouTube – TheRelaxingEnd) ps5 digital edition There are numerous reasons for this, and they are entirely within reason if you think about it.

PlayStation Plus’s upcoming game trials will reportedly be at least 2 hours long

Image: Sony

New details have emerged about the time-limited game trials that Sony previously announced would be part of its new PlayStation Plus Premium subscription tier. According to sources speaking to Game Developer these free trials will be required for any game with a wholesale cost of $34 (€33) or above, and must be at least two hours long. They won’t be required for previously released games, or PlayStation VR titles.
Game Developer’s initial report raised concerns that requiring developers to offer these time-limited trials could place a significant burden on smaller teams.